A Family Partner is one who brings the perspective of a parent/caregiver. We have experienced the reality of raising a child or children with behavioral and emotional challenges and have had to navigate the various systems. This experience enables us to reach out to you, the families, and connect with you on a personal level different than that of a county or agency staff member.

When families have children with serious emotional, behavioral or social challenges, they do not always find the support they need within their own support system and therefore must rely on others for help. This is where a Family Partner can play an important role within your family.  We are instrumental in empowering you to obtain the resources and support needed by standing side by side with you as one who has been there before. You become empowered based on knowledge, education and information, this way you are better able to help your family. A Family Partner can help you become more objective in order to get the support and services you need by ensuring you are seen and your voice heard.


Eligibility Criteria


The client must be full-scope Medi-Cal eligible and have an open case with an Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services Children’s Reporting Unit. Non full scope Medi-Cal clients will be considered on a case-by-case basis and dependent on Family Partner caseloads. For more information, please contact Allison Massey, Program Director at (510) 383-5129 or at Allison.Massey@acgov.org


Support for Your Family


We provide peer support for families who have a child (ren) living with mental illness.

We will assist and accompany family members to IEP meetings and treatment team meetings.

We will assist you in negotiating, resolving conflicts with and navigate county agencies, school systems and other provider agencies.

Family Partners will “meet you where you are” and help as you move forward in your advocacy for your child through empowerment.


Family-Focused, Family-Driven


Family Partners can assist you with caregiver mentoring including training and education about parenting a child with mental and/or emotional health issues.

We will provide linkage to community supports and services.

Family Partners are available to you by phone, in your community, home or office visits to provide support, education and encouragement.




The Family Partnership Program in Alameda County offers a yearly class in both English and Spanish to meet the needs of our families in the community.


Educate, Equip and Support: Building Hope (EES)


EES is a 14-week curriculum that was designed by parents and caregivers for parents and caregivers to educate families on the complexities of mental health in children. This curriculum will equip and support you in learning how to advocate for your child as well as teach you ways to cope with the challenges of parenting a child with emotional difficulties. While attending this class, you will connect with other families to extend the network of support.

Contact Us:

Allison Massey

Program Director

7200 Bancroft Ave., Suite 125-C

Oakland, CA 94605

Phone: 510-383-5129

Fax: 510-383-5117

Email: Allison.Massey@acgov.org


The Family Partnership Program of Mental Health Association of Alameda County is funded by and operated in cooperation with Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services.