Family Partnership Program

In Alameda County

Our Family Partnership Program pairs your family with a Family Partner who has experienced the reality of raising a child with behavioral and emotional challenges. Your Family Partner will help you navigate services offered in Alameda County and empower you to speak up for your child and make sure your voice as a family caregiver is heard.

Because our Family Partners have firsthand experience with what you are going through, they can support you in ways that others can’t. They will provide caregiver mentoring, training, and education on parenting a child with mental health issues. They will stand by your side and help you resolve conflicts with schools. They will accompany you to treatment team meetings. They will advocate for you and ensure that you are seen and heard in meetings concerning your child.

Family Partners also provide formal training opportunities for families through a 14-week curriculum called Education, Equip, and Support (EES). The curriculum offers a different topic each week including childhood depression, eating disorders, accessing mental health services, working with schools, child welfare and more. EES is open to all community members free of charge and is peer facilitated.

The Family Partnership Program also provides concrete support to families, including a food pantry, self-care activities, back to school events, and holiday events.

Eligibility Criteria

The client must be full-scope Medi-Cal eligible and have an open case with an Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services Children’s Reporting Unit. Non full scope Medi-Cal clients will be considered on a case-by-case basis and dependent on Family Partner caseloads. For more information, please contact Allison Massey, Program Director at (510) 383-5129 (office), (510) 703-0175 (cell) or at

Call Now

To Connect with a Family Partner

The Family Partnership Program stands with families who have a child or children with behavioral and/or emotional challenges. Family Partners have firsthand experience raising a child with these challenges. They offer peer support and assistance navigating services available through the county, school system, or other agencies. To connect with a Family Partner, call (510) 383-5129.